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ASD / ADHD  Screening

Do you wonder if you really are autistic or an ADHDer?


If you're curious, start by taking the screening test below. We care about YOU more than a test result but this can be a way to start our conversation.​

With that said, please be aware that these screening tests:

  • are limited in depth and scope,

  • may limit the amount that you learn about yourself,

  • fall short of a in-depth assessment (which we can offer), and

  • are never a replacement for the care of a caring and well-trained clinician.

Women Laughing on Beach

For more screeners,
please visit our sister site Adult Autism Assessments.

Our clinicians can help you pursue an in depth assessment if that is desired.

Sensory Screenings

When your brain is impacted by sensory processing issues, the brain is unable to arrange and correctly process information from your senses. It feels like a traffic jam inside your head. 

Typically, our mind processes all the information about our environment. After our brain processes the inputs, it allows us to respond in productive way

If you feel like you're struggling with the sensory traffic jam in your head, let us help.

Our clinicians would be glad to administer the Sensory Process Measure (SPM-2), a formal assessment tool. You can read more about it at this link.


Image by Marie-Michèle Bouchard
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