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Friendship Group

Many of our clients struggle to make and maintain friendships.


In our Zoom group, we will: 

  • grieve painful breakups

  • heal trauma of past relationship pain

  • identify what went wrong

  • build social awareness

  • improve social skills

  • learn to "find your tribe"

  • ultimately find love and acceptance for who you are.


Lauren Florio

Dates and times:
  • 8 weeks

  • Start time to be determined based off of group member availability.

  • Forming new groups now! 

Group Size:

Limited to 4 participants per group



Group sessions:

90 minutes


All neurodiversity and genders are welcome.

Next step:

Reach out on our contact form and Lauren will give you a call.

Teenagers on Mobile phone

Message from Lauren

Over the course of 8 weeks together, we’re going to break the myth that having autism equals being socially awkward. Individuals with autism can absolutely have long-lasting meaningful friendships, despite whatever trauma you hold from previous failed relationships or experiences with bullying. 


Together we will process these negative experiences, help identify red flags in new and existing relationships, learn to value what you bring to the table in relationships, and overall how to build your tribe! Please reach out if this is of any interest to you.

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